Garbage Route of Estill Springs
If your garbage day falls on a holiday, it will be picked up the next business day.


Alsonia St.
Circle Dr.
Elk Acre
Elkins St.
Factory Furniture
FlowerLane Dr.
Flower Point
Franklin St.
Gaines Circle
Garden St.
Hickory Hill Dr.
Hill St.
Hudgins St.
Hwy. 41A
Johnson St.
Kennedy St.
Mason St.
Patrick St.
Rose St.
Spring Creek Rd.
Tipps Rd.
Tulip St.
Tulip Tree Trail
Tyson Dr.


41 to Quail Ct.
Cadence Court
Cherry St.
Church St.
Clark St.
Fairview St.
Eastbrook Rd.
East Wilson St.
Gaul St.
Glenview Dr.
Lake St.
McKinney Circle
McKinney St.
North Wilson St.
Plainview Dr.
Quail Ct.
Rebecca Ln. E & W
Reno St.
Rock Creek Rd.
Schwartz St.
Shasteen St.
Taylor Creek Rd.
Union St.
Wells St.
West Wilson St.
Whaley St.


Ake St.
Andy's Place
Bonner Way
Chase Bend Rd.
Cindy Hollow Rd.
Cindy's Court
Dogwood Trail
Hawk Dr.
Highland Trail
LP Bradford
Nancy Lane
Orville Bates Rd.
Red Oak Trail
Safe Haven
Stewart Lane
Twerp Trail


Lake Court
Lakeside Drive
Overlook Place
Tanglewood Trail
Timberlake Dr.
Westwood Court
Westwood Lane
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Refuse containers (Garbage cans) are the property of the Town of Estill Springs.
  • Routine maintenance and replacement of the containers will be the town's responsibility.
  • The customer shall be responsible for cleaning and general care of the refuse container.
  • Such containers shall be used for the disposal of household/office waste only.
  • Any damage to the refuse container that is the result of abuse, misuse, neglect, etc. by the customer shall be the customer's responsibility.

Click here for information about Recycling. 

What do we pick up?

  • Brush, must not exceed 6" in diameter or 10' in length. Trunks and limbs must be cut into lengths of not more than 2' and not weigh more than 50 lbs. Must be neatly stacked.
  • Brush generated by persons engaged in the business of landscaping, trimming, or repairing of shrubs and trees must be removed by their company. 
  • Junk Pickup - All junk items will be picked up no more than twice a month as resources are available and must be placed on municipal right-of-way. If the amount becomes excessive The Town of Estill Springs Street and Sanitation Department has the right to refuse to pick up or charge an additional fee. We do not pick up any items that cannot be placed in the regular dump site.

What do we NOT pick up?

  • Construction Materials
  • Demolition Materials
  • Remodeling or Repairs of Homes, Buildings, or Structures
  • Toilets or Sinks
  • Shower Doors

If you have questions concerning any item, please contact 931-967-1139.