Taylor Creek Greenway

Taylor Creek Greenway is comprised of a 54 acre tract of land and water extending from Eastbrook Road on the southern boundary to the property of the Estill Springs Baptist Church near Highway 41A on the northern boundary. The greenway contains well over 1 mile of gravel walking paths, 7 covered benches/swings, bridges, primitive trails, 2 creeks, wake-free headwater of Tims Ford Lake, and native vegetation, birds, and animals. The greenway is comprised of the following four distinct topographical areas: Pastoral lakeside Wetlands Tree-shaded creekside Natural/wilderness

Pastoral Lakeside
Starting near Eastbrook road on the southern boundary of the greenway, visitors will first find a well-maintained open space adjacent to a section of Tims Ford Lake reflecting the trees on the opposite hillside.

Next, one will enjoy an area of native brush and wetlands. Not only can visitors observe marsh vegetation but often will see small animals, deer, and waterfowl indigenous to the area.

Tree-shaded Creekside
After passing through the wetlands area, one will notice that the topography quickly changes to a tree-shaded section adjacent to two spring-fed creeks. Covered swings and a picnic table provide the visitor the opportunity to “sit a spell” and enjoy Taylor Creek. Also located in this area is a historical marker which pays tribute to Will Allen Dromgoole, a Poet Laureate of the Poetry Society of the South, and also highlights one of her best know poems “Building The Bridge”. During the early part of the twentieth century, Miss Dromgoole frequently resided during the summer months on property adjacent to the greenway.

Visitors can either wade across Taylor Creek or use the pedestrian bridge to enjoy a rustic, mountain-type area on the western side of the greenway. This section of the greenway is also bordered by Dry Creek. Paths in this area are primitive.